Ravaged Mythos is a single player RPG which focuses heavily on character growth and storytelling, which hopefully will help players enjoy an immersive experience within the Ravaged Mythos universe. The main design goals of Ravaged Mythos is to create a world that feels alive and natural to the player, one that takes the world surrounding it and melds it into something believable to the player. The second design goal is to skew common mythology and lore pertaining to well known tropes of mythology without sacrificing the core elements of these myths and legends. To give an example, while the Dwarves of Ravaged Mythos are still shorter than most races, and with a great affinity to the art of Mining and Blacksmithing, Dwarves will also be a tad different than your normal Fantasy Dwarf, yet of course familiar enough to recognize it as such. Thirdly we want to allow players to have a massive range of choices in the creation and customization of their character, which is why one of the hardest tasks set before us is to make everything a player does with their character actually have a bearing on the surrounding game world. Finally we want to focus on creating a story that is unique to a character class and the interactions within their stories. So while you may be playing the main story more than once, it is seen and played rather differently as a Black Knight then as a Paladin. Hopefully as we continue to update and showcase more of the idea's and concepts of the Ravaged Mythos, you will be intrigued, interested, and maybe even a little excited.