In the realm of Stonehaven, boys and girls with no homes and no hopes for the future are taken in by the Paladin order and given a new life for themselves, in exchange for their devotion to the cause of the Paladin Order. These children will be trained in strategy, combat and above all a sense of duty to all who need them. These children will eventually become Paladins, the most respected order of knights in the realm of Stonehaven. With the power of their Faye Bucklers and control of holy power, the Paladin Order will protect the realm from all threats, but especially from those who wish to use dark magic. Versed in both the acts of exorcism and righteous combat, these holy knights use steel and soul to vanquish evil, and will not falter in their duties to both the kingdom they serve, and the citizens they strive to protect with their very lives.

Black Knights

While the origins of the Black Knights remain a mystery, their presence and place in the world is not. They are a mercenary group of men and women who aid the poor and the wealthy, the powerful and the weak. Yet they carry with them a burden that few know of: They have become corrupted in part by dark magic, allowing them to wield the power of Demons. Rumor also has it that they are led by a man who is said to be immortal, one who has lead the Black Knights for centuries. Yet to most, these whispers of truth are nothing more than superstitious rumors. While the reputation of the Black Knights for their ferocity in combat and intimidating features proceed them, they are in fact keepers of the peace, who use their unwanted powers in the fight against those who need their aid. Through both arms and demonic magic, they force their enemies to cower before their presence, flay them with the dark arts and cut down all who remain with blades as dark as their armor. Yet while their goals are pure, the path to acceptance will be a long one, for who will trust those that so readily use dark magic in their fight against it.


Deep within the northern mountains lies the city state of the Engineers, an exclusive guild that dedicates their lives to the art of construction and technological marvels. These men and woman toil endlessly in their craft, both seeking to enhance the lives of all people throughout the realm, and to sate their impressive egos and intellect with new machines, gadgets and arms. When those of ill intent try to take these creations by force, however, they quickly learn that the Engineers do not need the aid of Krogenheim to protect their work. Known easily throughout the realm by their special Steam Converter’s, the Engineers create marvels of such technological artistry that some question if these marvels could actually be made without magic. Yet regardless of the machinations of their craft, they are still regarded as the brightest and most influential group of tinkerers in the world. That is, when they are at their least eccentric.


When the first reservoirs of elemental magic were discovered in the world, the few men and women not immediately wary and fearful of its alien qualities became entranced with it, and most of all filled with a new sense of discovery. Within the hearts of these people, the elements of the world broke forth and manifested into control of the wild forces of nature, opening their eyes to the vast array of life and responsibility contained within the very ground they stood upon, and the spirits of the wild that needed their protection. These men and women used this knowledge they attained to become the protectors of balance in both the life surrounding us and the unseen elements that drive change throughout the world. They became known as Shaman's, spiritual leaders who helped warm the bodies of the cold, sate the thirst of all living things, spread the seeds of life through the winds, and create homes from the earth while still respecting the gifts they were able to give. Yet for those who wish to destroy the harmony of the elemental world, know that their fury will be fully unleashed through the vessels of their Shaman protectors, who call upon the elements themselves to rid the world of those who wish to desecrate it.


Past the borders of the Selphi forest, when the human race was at it's infancy in comparison to the civilizations of the present, the first well of pure white magic was discovered. The tribe that came across this beautiful paradise watched in astonishment as creatures of mythical beauty and majesty emerged from the well of magical light, as trees and rivers flowed and expanded before their very eyes. Believing it to be a sacred place, the people of this tribe vowed to not only live with this force, but to also protect both this and any other wells of white magic they may discover from the outside world. They named their new home Crovasta, the Crater of Life, and called themselves Druids. After centuries of guarding, the Druids have become one of the most respected figures in the world, with unparalleled knowledge of white magic and the life brought forth from it. Their exposure to this purest form of white magic has changed the people of the Crovasta, allowing them to summon the forces of change and growth both externally, and within, allowing life to spring even in once thought to be inhospitable wastelands. So long as the Druids still protect and nourish the homes they have cultivated, the Crovasta will stay as pristine as it was discovered.


The practice of dark magic was thought to be dead long ago, after the eradication of those who wielded the powers of demons in what was known as the Demonic Crusade. Yet after its conclusion not all of those who studied the arts of dark magic were eradicated, and so in secret a new society was built, one that would allow those with the intent of learning the effects and characteristics of dark magic and demons. This society has finally come forth to help stop the spread of demons and those in the dark arts by fighting fire with fire. And thus the Demonologists of the world have finally surfaced in to public eye. So long after what was thought to be their extinction, they come to spread knowledge of dark magic and the demonic world to all who wish to oppose it, and using it themselves to quell the forces of evil. Though their intentions may be questionable, and their magic appalling, the may be exactly the kind of help needed to save the world from permanent darkness.


The mysteries of the mind and of the unnatural world has always grabbed the attention of those who wish to study the art of magic.The works of these men and women to harness and study the arcane realms of this world eventually led the the creation of the Acaderium, a place where those who have the gift to harness the arcane and the unknown learn to become one of many Psychomancers. These pseudo-philosophers use the powers of arcane magic to expand their ever evolving understanding of the natural world, the arcane planes and of themselves in the grand scheme of the universe. Yet when one talks of the horrors of war, none skip past the exploits of those Psychomancers who decided to shape conflicts with the destruction of the minds and bodies of soldiers who stood in their path.


When those with dark magic became too powerful in the age of the Demonic Crusade, the world was rife with chaos. While the Paladin Order was established and fighting off the forces of evil, they had become unable to destroy the most powerful of dark magic users. Yet when the hope for the destruction of evil became a faint glimmer behind the eyes of those left standing, the Assassins Brotherhood silently rose up to become one of the largest threats against the magically inclined, suddenly appearing from the shadows to quell the practitioners of the dark arts. With swift blades, almost inhuman agility, and the ability to void the magical energies of those around them, the Assassins helped turn the tide and allow the world to suffer no longer from the dark arts. While their hate for magic has been evident and their contributions widely recognized and admired, the Assassins role in the world has still given them a dark reputation, which prevents them from truly fitting in with the normal populace. Yet they will continue their crusade even to this day, and they will not turn a blind eye towards those who wish to abuse magic.


Deep in the northern province of Stonehaven lies the city-state of Krogenheim. This near impenetrable fortress is where the Battlemasters of Krogenheim have forged themselves into one of the deadliest non-magical warriors in the Realm. Mastering exotic weapons and techniques, along with the ability to use them, the Battlemasters master techniques in ways that can only be described as almost impossible to accomplish by normal warriors. Yet one thing almost all mention is their unique relationship with the Engineers Guild located near the capital city. In exchange for resources located in the borders of Krogenheim, and being structured in close proximity to the capital, the Engineers Guild gives these Battlemasters weapons and armor no normal warrior can hope to become a master of. Spending years of their lives to the perfection of even the simplest of combat techniques, these warriors see themselves as true artist's, and spend their lives perfecting the path's of the warrior lifestyle, each as unique and beautiful as they are deadly. As such these warriors continue to protect the northern slopes of Krogenheim, and the Engineers Guild, and are considered one of the greatest repositories of military leaders and tactical commanders in the realm of Stonehaven.